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    • the week of Christmas/the holiday -- Votes: 0
    • the week before Christmas/the holiday -- Votes: 1
    • 2 weeks before Christmas/the holiday -- Votes: 9
    • 3 weeks before Christmas/the holiday -- Votes: 10
    • a month before Christmas/the holiday -- Votes: 5
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when do you send Christmas/holiday cards? *poll* ♥Love♥ 1 child; 2 angel babies; California 10948 posts
Dec 4th '12

How far in advance do you send Christmas/holiday cards? I want to mail mine out soon because I am impatient lol and I like to receive them early so I assume others would like to too. What do you do?

ElleCole+triplets 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 33256 posts
Dec 4th '12

Whenever I get my shit together lol

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Dec 4th '12

I just got stamps today so they will go out tomorrow.

Fairy [God] Mother Due February 23 (girl); 17 kids; Stratham, New Hampshire 7085 posts
Dec 4th '12

I try to get them out before the 10th

Soon 2B Mom of 2 2 kids; North Highlands, California 3785 posts
Dec 4th '12

I send ours out the week before Christmas. Dec is the worst time of year for the post office, and it normally takes about 3 days to get there. I figure if I send them the week before they should definately be there ontime. Well, unless they get lost, in which case there is just no telling if or when they will ever make it.

Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4135 posts
Dec 4th '12

Watching. I'm sending them out for the first time this year.

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Dec 4th '12

I give them out on Christmas day or whenever I see the person.
We don't really celebrate but the family does, so we give them a card with updated pictures of our girls.

LoveMyBubbaBoy Due October 4; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 3214 posts
Dec 4th '12

Normally I have mine done and sent on the first because then they are done but still sent in the month of December. I have a lot to do after that so they just fit there. :)