mirena iud compensation Dude, you Fugly! 18 kids; Winston-Salem, North Carolina 19869 posts
Dec 4th '12

Not sure if this is the right spot or not, sorrt if it isn't. Im going to try and make a long story short. I've had my mirena IUD in for 2.5 years but the past year and a half has been horrible. Between infections, bleeding coming from no where, and now a "missing IUD" which through a ultrasound they THOUGHT they found it in my uterus all knotted up. Well after my surgery this morning to get it taken out of my uterus, they couldn't find it anywhere in my uterus. BUT they have the ultrasounds to prove it was there yesterday. So my doc thinks it either fell out last night without me knowing or its in my abdomen.... I go back in a week for them to check my abdomen. I'm so confused on what's going on. I seen the mirena IUD compensation on a commercial last week, should I call them? Do you think I would even be elgible with all the problems I've had? Is it really worth the fuss?

Wife and Mommy of 4 4 kids; California 804 posts
Dec 4th '12

I would definately call if I were you. I am so sorry you are going through this.

Mama2B&M 19 kids; Clovis, California 293 posts
Dec 4th '12

I had my merena come out, 3 months after getting it. I found out I was pregnant, the IUD was nowhere. But in my paperwork from when I got it, it clearly states that it is a possiblility of all sorts of screwed up stuff. I would look at what you signed to begin with, before you do anything. But all IUD's come witht the risk of implanting itself, perforation, slipping out, and etc. So its kinda at your own risk.

Miss. Tiff Due November 20; 33 kids; Odessa, Missouri 2874 posts
Dec 4th '12

I would def call. I've thought about it myself since I had issues also with the Mirena. But not that serious.

Jessica Serrano Chavira Japan 1 posts
Jun 4th '13

Hi girl YES CALL! as long as your iud has moved and now u need to get surgically removed... u qualify! Call i did!!