Will they ever STOP growing?! Sonya B+2 18 kids; Brazil 3512 posts
Dec 3rd '12

My b**bs that is.... Ugh! I'm getting sick of these huge things and I swear every day they are bigger. I don't remember being so b***y with my daughter. I thought I'd enjoy bigger b**bs but I take that back, I miss my small ones! I swear a majority of the weight I've gaining is from my b**bs lol. I am dreading when my milk comes in after the baby is born, I remember how freakishly huge and painful they got with my daughter. :(

babycakes! Due September 15; 18 kids; Orem, Utah 1952 posts
Dec 3rd '12

No. Before the pregnancy with my son I was a 32a. With engorgement after him, I was a 40ee, right now at almost 19weekstook pregnant with number 2, im a 38dd...normally now im a 36d