Elf on The Shelf... BoutTime! 2 kids; Hammond, Indiana 303 posts
Dec 3rd '12

Today my daughter and I spent the day together with her Elf, Flower. Well now that she got to pick Flower's special spot for tonight, and is now never allowed to touch her again, I feel kind of bad. As a kid I was attached to my toys and had my Mom said to me that I wasn't allowed to touch one of them my feelings woulda been hurt. My daughter took it okay, as I warned her all day that she wouldn't be allowed to touch her after tonight, but as I tucked her into bed after placing Flower on her dresser she says to me "but Mom, if I touch her she can stay with me..." Broke my heart a little :(

Silly post, I know...I just can't help feeling a little bad

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Dec 3rd '12

I'd bend the rules a little if it was upsetting to her. I cave so easy!

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Dec 3rd '12

My kids arent allowed to touch the elf ever. I move him every night to a new place and if I have to touch him during the day I have to do so with a Santa hat so he doesnt lose his magic. It is rare I need to move him during the day but he "drives" the car some days when we are getting ready to go some place special as a treat from our elf.

hgdghfhfhg 2 kids; tyutut, ym, United States 2568 posts
Dec 3rd '12

I know nothing about this elf of the shelf thing. Why can't she touch it ever again?

Janessa * 1 child; Everett, Massachusetts 629 posts
Dec 3rd '12

what the heck is elf on the shelf? :( lol im so confused

S♡J=Malachi 1 child; 3 angel babies; Florida 3278 posts
Dec 3rd '12

My nieces & nephews never touch the elf. It is fun to watch them wake up & look for him.

Wanted: #2 Due August 26 (boy); 33 kids; Illinois 4726 posts
Dec 3rd '12
Quoting Janessa *:" what the heck is elf on the shelf? :( lol im so confused"

One of the great inventions of mankind! LOL

Almond&Boo+2 2 kids; 419 posts
Dec 3rd '12

Elf on the Shelf is a special little elf doll that keeps an eye on the children. Every night after they go to bed, the elf reports to Santa on their behavior. It then returns to the house in a different location, proving that it did indeed fulfill it's job to talk to Santa. Once the child receives it, they must name it so that it can begin it's job. The child is never to touch it, or the magic goes away!

We bought one for our girls the other day :) DD1 named hers Hart