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Dec 3rd '12

Bad: blood pressure was up 163 over 100. and 164 over 92. They had to check twice. Doc said to try and relax and rest as much as possible. I go back in 2 weeks and if its not better then he is taking me off work. : S I'm glad my husband is working but 2 incomes is better then 1. But if its nessecary I'll do it.

Whatever: So I had to do a 24hr test last week. I had to go in for blood drawn and it showed I gained a lb. This was tuesday. (I lost almost 8lbs begining of my pregancy.) That would have been my first Lb for this pregnancy. I go back today for my 6m visit and I'm back down a lb. Doc isn't too worried since my GD is going good. He just said to not go down any farther.

The Good NEWS: I get to do another ultrasound next week. I'm really excited because my grandmother gets to see her unborn great grandchild. She has never actually been to an ultrasound before. She has seen pictures, but I don't know I'm just really excited. And my husband said he would stay home with our other 2 :) as long as he got to see a pictures. I said I'd try and get him one. lol. Baby girl's heart rate was 149 and She kept trying to kick the doppler. I am also measuring fine. :)