help please imGonnaBeA_Mommy ;) Due January 5 (boy); 16 kids; North Carolina 115 posts
Dec 3rd '12

im 35 weeks and for the past couple days ive been having period like cramps in my lower stomach on the left side. the next day it was in the middle and moved to the right. are these contractions? im going to be a first time mom so im not reallt sure how to look out for things like this. earlier this morning, i think i had a braxton hicks, my stomach started to hurt and it got really tight for about 45 seconds and then it didnt hurt anymore. can you ladies help me out?

will this mean labor is coming sooner before my due date ( jan 6 ) . the doctors told me at 28 weeks that baby was head down and really really low.

and another thing that happens to me is my lower stomach starts to burn and makes me feel like i have to poop . does this happen to any one else?

Kriste loves her babies! Due March 23; 2 kids; Carbondale, Pennsylvania 18381 posts
Dec 3rd '12

It sounds like contractions but its prob. not labor. I would call your dr anyways if your wrroied just to be safe.

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Dec 3rd '12

Call your doctor. I was told I needed to drink more water and rest more frequently. I was closer to my due date though. I could have 4 contractions or Braxton hicks an hour at home anymore than that and they told me to come in.

lil' momma 1831 2 kids; Middletown, Ohio 170 posts
Dec 3rd '12

probably braxen hicks. i had the same problem with my son two weeks before i had him. went to the hospital twice and one nurse thought i was gonna pull through but never did til about a week later. i was 37 weeks when i went into labor.