Hathor + A Due December 23 (girl); 16 kids; Spring, Texas 12834 posts
Dec 3rd '12

It really depends on the guy. People said SO and wouldn't last, we're still a couple.

AislinnsMommyXX Due March 24 (girl); Bridgeport, Ohio 30 posts
Dec 9th '12
Quoting Misty Walls:" I think your dad should stop watching teen mom"

HAHA that was my first thought also :P

Destiny Marie Hicks 1 child; 1 angel baby; Mayville, North Dakota 241 posts
Dec 9th '12

IMO it depends on the guy. I haven't had it happen to me, but two of my friends got pregnant at 19, one of the bd stayed and the other left. So it could go either way. Best of luck to both of you and I hope everything goes great for you!

AaliyahVal'sMommy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Cleveland, Ohio 1364 posts
Jan 10th '13

Now he thinks his family and him are trying to get it taken away from me.
He was saying how if i let it go over to his house without me or something they'll go and say i'm having nothing to do with her and take custody.
Like, he feels he's gonna keep her from him now,
but according to your first logic, your not gonna have that problem.