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Baking soda & draino testers poll Bethyboo wants a VBAC! Due July 6 (boy); 18 kids; Mississippi 1194 posts
Dec 1st '12

Im 8 weeks & 5 days today. When is the earliest I can do it?

I♥RYLEIGH Due March 3; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10504 posts
Dec 1st '12

Waited until my ultrasound lolol.

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
Dec 1st '12

Did baking soda at 5w and it said boy. Did it at 14w and it said girl.

I won't know until Jan 9 (I'm 16w tomorrow and will be 21w3d when I find out)

Yoncé 1 child; 3 angel babies; Barcelona, Spain 3706 posts
Dec 1st '12

Those "test" are just luck of the draw. I don't think there's anything in urine to determine the sex. It's fun to speculate whether it's right or wrong though. :)

luvmy2grlz&boy! 3 kids; Neepawa, Manitoba 2371 posts
Dec 1st '12

I don't actually believe the old wives tales. I did try a couple though just for shits n giggles.

I did the baking soda one, but was well past 10 weeks and it said boy. I also did the red cabbage one the same day as the baking soda one it as well said boy. We're having a boy. :)