So sick...what to do Jen in Georgia Adel, Georgia 86 posts
Nov 30th '12

Ok. the past 2 weekends we been at ER with a family member that had virus. Now, I am 33 weeks and my stool is lose and i have threw up twice. I am cramping around my belly button area and the top part of belly. Does this sound like virus or labor. Really confused.

*TiffanyMae* 2 kids; Montana 6002 posts
Nov 30th '12

If you don't have any contractions or back pain with it... I would say it's a virus. My daughter and I both just got over a virus like that one and my tummy was very upset and crampy. It sucked

the BEAST Wisconsin 15638 posts
Nov 30th '12

Virus. Had it with both of my kids around 32w.

Stomach bug IS going around. Try to get some rest and stay hydrated

Jen in Georgia Adel, Georgia 86 posts
Nov 30th '12

No I am not having back pains so really didnt tthink it was labor either. I just got sick 4 times back to back so its gotta be a virus. My step daughter had it last weekend....Uggh I am so miserable