EnnaBennaBanana Due January 21; 3 kids; Maryland 6203 posts
Nov 30th '12

I am preggo with my second right now lol.
I found out in June and everyone was happy for me, and I was happy as well. My husband and I WERE TTC so yeah. haha

......... nowhere, NW, United States 25972 posts
Nov 30th '12

I would keep it. My family would be supportive and happy. His family? Some would be happy but others, not so much. But owell, the ones who would think we were stupid aren't around much and live out of city and state. They have no clue how our family lives...

The Doctor 2 kids; Boulder, CO, United States 60775 posts
Nov 30th '12

Be fine and dandy.

I don't know how my family would react, I bet my worries about how they would react are much worse than reality. However, it's not their decision, nor would anything change for them.... aside from having another grandchild.

Proginoskes II 3 kids; North Carolina 1295 posts
Nov 30th '12

I'd be in complete shock, because my tubes are tied.
Then I'd talk to my boyfriend, and we'd get the money together to get the abortion pill ASAP. I'd cry about it, because I hate the thought of actually having to do that, but there is NO other option. I'm done having children- I have 4 month old twins and a 2 year old with a lot of health and development issues.

Tarynosaurus Rex San Antonio, Texas 1271 posts
Nov 30th '12

Not sure. SO and I have both discussed it and abortion is an option we both will always keep on the table. But if it comes down to it I don't know if I could actually go through with it, so we may end up keeping it. I can't know until I'm in the situation. But a baby would not be ideal for us right now.

And if I aborted my family would not know because it's none of their business. If I kept it I think they would be a bit apprehensive at first since I'm not really the mommy type, but they would be happy.

Freespirit 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Michigan 3740 posts
Nov 30th '12

I'd be in a little bit of shock, but happy. We do want one more baby, but just can't decide on when.

The Master Due September 8; 2 kids; Perth, Australia 20023 posts
Nov 30th '12

I literally have just found out I'm probably pregnant (BFP but massively in denial) ... and I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do.

Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4135 posts
Dec 1st '12

I'd be shocked, but happy. DH and I don't want another one right now, but if it happens, it happens. We would find a way to make it work.

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Dec 2nd '12

this pregnancy was unexpected and unplanned. i expected my family to be cautiously happy since the father and i weren't together long. my mom is much less thrilled than i excited her to be. it sucks.

♥ in 32 kids; Matosinhos, Portugal 1495 posts
Dec 2nd '12

Since I had a scare, a few weeks ago, I can clearly say I'd be surprised, and shocked. Just that. Probably numb at first. It would be totally wrong timing. I would keep the baby because those are my beliefs, my family tho.. Would sure force me to have an abortion (although they'd never be able to make me change my mind). So yes, I'd be a 17 year-old teen mom and now I'm in a good path, on my flying road to University.. So it would be completely unwanted right now.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
Dec 2nd '12

It would have to be the next baby Jesus, lol, b/c I haven't been getting any love lately. :(

Fat-and-Happy TTC since Mar 2008; 1 child; Texas 13915 posts
Dec 2nd '12

I'd think I was some kind of freak! Been trying for over 4 years and currently on birth control trying to even out my cycles and stop the hemorrhaging.

Norah&Ellie's Momma Due June 25; 2 kids; Kentucky 4190 posts
Dec 5th '12

I would be excited but I don't think anyone else would be lol.

кinga Due February 18 (girl); 1 child; Ontario 4606 posts
Dec 5th '12

Im pregnant now so I guess it doesnt count lol. But if I found out I was pregnant again, I'd probably say "oh f**k, here goes another 9 months" and just deal with it lol.

Queen Aries Baby 1 child; Orlando, Florida 12052 posts
Dec 5th '12

id have a heart attack. i would prob tell the guy we got a serious problem and i would 95% positive go for a voluntary abortion. i cant and refuse to be a single mother again and im not having kids w someone im not married to and set for life with. not happening at all. its not the life for me. right now my son isnt ready for a sibling either i have enough with his behavior issues. i couldnt do another child right now and maybe not ever again sadly.