JoelandErin Brown Due December 26; Florida 11 posts
Dec 6th '12

I'm due on the 27th with number two. We didn't find out what we are having so it will be a Christmas surprise. We already have a 16 month old son so I am kind of hoping this ones a girl but we will see. Congrats on twins :)

marsupialjoe TTC since Jun 2003; 3 kids; Vancouver, Bc, Canada 454 posts
Dec 6th '12

I am!

But they're taking her out via c-section on doomsday (Dec 21).
Her name will be Audrey :)

Amanda Jessica Due December 26; Japan 1 posts
Dec 7th '12

I am due the 27th with my first!! going to have a little girl named Avery!!

MorganAlisha Due December 26 (boy); Birmingham, Alabama 1 posts
Dec 7th '12

I am due Dec. 27th with boy! I'm hoping he comes earlier though!!

MommyTaryn Due December 26 (girl); Dothan, Alabama 1 posts
Dec 8th '12

I'm due the 27th with my first princess:)

LadyTurner1 Due December 26 (boy); Milford, Connecticut 11 posts
Dec 9th '12

I'm due on the 27th with my third boy.... Congrats on your twin princesses!!
I've lost my plug so I'm hoping it won't be much longer....

Danni Basim-Parry Due December 27 (boy); Ontario 1 posts
Dec 9th '12

im due dec 28th with a baby boy :) first baby too, very excited to be a new mom :D

Kira Sutkay 1 child; Flint, Michigan 539 posts
Dec 9th '12

26th with a girl :)