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Nov 30th '12

So I was told I'm having a girl and the US tech said she is 95% sure it's a girl and I can't afford to get another US done. My insurance won't cover another one unless there is an emergency.
My family has been bugging me about picking a boy's name just in case. I really love the name Leighton Michael, but apparently no one else does, including SO. Anyone have any suggestions? I want something that isn't trendy or commonly heard. If it's a girl (as I'm sure it is) she will be Katya Jeannine Yvette, yes 2 middle names. I'm only looking for 1 middle for a boy though.
I definitely love the foreign names, especially European names, so let the ideas flow!

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Nov 30th '12


Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
Nov 30th '12

Its a girl mama lol they told me 95% too. No GOOD tech will tell you 100%.
But here's what i like

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Nov 30th '12

My son's name is Otto Francis... my family hated it before he was born, but we get compliments all the time now. Pretty common name on Europe, I'm told. Not trendy at all. Real name, nothing wacky lol.

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Nov 30th '12

who cares if no one likes it! Stick with what you Not many people like the what i'm naming this lil guy (Tucker) Thank goodness they don't know the middle names! Its kinda bad. lol

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Nov 30th '12

I actually like Leighton. I've only heard it once before. If you like it use it. Butttt I'm pretty sure you won't have to worry about a name everyone likes because it's most likely a girl. (:

~*Katya's Mommy*~ 33 kids; Tucson, Arizona 712 posts
Nov 30th '12

I'm 99% sure I'm having a girl, even without the US techs in put. I knew from the start I was having a girl :D
But my family had a point when they said it's good to have a back up just in case. Leighton won't leave my life, but I might use it as a middle name or pick a different middle name. I'm not good at boys names.
I love the name Luca! And Rhys and Mathis would be an adorable middle name! Leighton Mathis and Luca Mathis sound awesome to me!!!!

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Nov 30th '12

You may try William. But, if they are 95% sure that it is a girl, then you should take it as 100%. get ready for a girl child mom.

Unique girls name

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Nov 30th '12

I like Leighton but not Michael.

~*Katya's Mommy*~ 33 kids; Tucson, Arizona 712 posts
Nov 30th '12
Quoting sταrry skies:" I like Leighton but not Michael."

That's kinda of where I am. I settled on Michael because it's her (like I said, I'm dead set it's a girl) dad's middle name.