I've been putting this off for some time.. Rebecca(Adam'sMommy) 1 child; Beaufort, South Carolina 3251 posts
Nov 29th '12

Because I'm lazy.. Lol. But does anyone know how to like disconnect my BG profile from my facebook? Sorry if this is a dumb question.. I'm not too tech-smart sometimes lol.

And even if I can't disconnect them, can I change my BG profile pic and name without it affecting my facebook?

♥Mj&Daryl♥ (boy); 2 kids; Spokane, Washington 2392 posts
Nov 29th '12

I'm not sure about disconnecting it from FB

But you can change your name and profile picture without it affecting facebook :) I did

Drunk Blair Waldorf 2 kids; Alpharetta, Georgia 19630 posts
Nov 29th '12

I don't know how to disconnect the two, but anything you do here, won't affect facebook. There is an option that you can check or uncheck that says "Post on facebook what I post on BG" or something similar. I leave that unchecked because I don't need my crap all over FB. But I sign in with my FB and this is definitely not my name or my profile pic on FB. :lol: