would you be upset? Morgan marie's mommy 1 child; Minnesota 3722 posts
Nov 29th '12

my daughter is in daycare and i guess today the daycare lady had the flu and its a really bad case with fever and throwing up and all that for days. Well she was throwing up all last night and sent a text to everyones parents saying she was sick. No one got it so I sent my daughter there not knowing she had the flu. I find out tonight and i ask her about it. and she talks about how bad it is and how her mom was there helping her. But she was puking in the same toilet my daughter uses and touches, and shes staying open tomorrow. And all the kids are going to be going,. I am keeping my daughter home and im staying home as well because we get it and were out even longer. makes me mad she didnt call me and make sure I knew. Because I told her before that if there is the flu there that I wasnt going to send her, And when my daughter gets sick she ends up in the hospital. I am upset.

Beth~N~Lizzie 1 child; Winter Haven, Florida 2755 posts
Nov 29th '12

Yeah I think I would be. She should have shut down for a few days. Your daughter and all them kids are going to get sick. She should have called instead of texting