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Nov 29th '12

I was on mini pill i always got AF durning the middle of week 2 until middle of week 3.

I stopped the pills with 10 days left because i felt like it was messing with my supply and DH and I felt ready to start TTC another baby. The 4 days before i quit i was taking the pills 12+ hours late. :/ we had already decided to quit them i was just going to finish the pack, but decided nto to because the pack screwed me up so bad.

So when you quit the mini pill when did you get AF?

I feel like AF is coming (my last day of the pack would have been this sunday so add 2.5 weeks to that for AF.) Im bloated and sick to my stomach beyond belief.obviously thinking im NOT pregnant and even if i was i wouldnt have symptoms this early.

So that would make my last question did you get sick after stopping the pill??

And id like to add my milk supply has come up dramatically since i quit and have let DD suck 24/7 for 2 days, lots of fluids, and fenugreek. And i have a LC coming to my house Tuesday!!

Ik you dont know my body im just asking your experiances.