Frustrated Buckeye Due August 13; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Mt Gilead, Ohio 882 posts
Nov 29th '12

Ok, I have a 11 1/2 month old. He was EBF till about 4 weeks ago. I then switched him to whole milk. This was not a sudden switch. I weened him over the course of a week. Then I used up all my stored milk, which lead to about another week of whole milk/ breast milk. I was trying to avoid formula. Once he was just on whole milk he started having diarrhea. So, I was then ran dry and no more stored milk. I had to bite the bullet and get formula. Well, I took him off whole milk totally and onto formula. He is still having bought of diarrhea. I am wondering if I should change to soy milk?? I was also thinking maybe goats milk, they sell it at the health food store in town??? I just want this diarrhea to stop totally. I never had this with my other two, so I am entering new territory.

Mommy of TWO <3 2 kids; Maryland 731 posts
Nov 29th '12

Don't they say to not start whole milk until after 12 months...? Formula made for infants is better than giving one milk that the baby's stomach can't handle.

I'd personally call the doctor to see what they say, but there are some foods that can harden up stools. Only one I know off the top of my head is bananas.

Buckeye Due August 13; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Mt Gilead, Ohio 882 posts
Nov 29th '12

I took him to the doctor on Monday. She was fine with starting whole milk, but since he was not adjusting to it to continue with formula. This has not really helped, so i was wondering if anyone had tried anything other then whole milk or formula.

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
Nov 29th '12

My son was on soy formula for the short time he took it. But I also breastfed til 2 1/2 years (he was on supplemented formula for the first 6 weeks) and now that he's weaned he gets lactose free milk.