Dry sockets Ellena's mommy 2 kids; Houston, Texas 2680 posts
Nov 29th '12

I got 2 molars pulled(1 on either side of my mouth), 7 fillings and a bone graft 8 days ago. I went back to the dentist yesterday because my gums are hurting pretty f**king badly and he said I had 2 dry sockets and he packed my gums. The packing fell out like an hour later and now I am going back on Monday to re pack it.

It hurts the most first thing in the morning... I am sick of the pain and want it to just go away. I can't eat anything without it hurting so bad. I grind my teeth at night so this makes things 45842398759 worse because I am putting constant pressure on my teeth and gums that are already super sore to begin with.

Other than in the morning, the pain is bearable with some motrin and occasional vicodin, but I am just being a baby right now. I have just had this pain for too long and I am getting so so so sick of it!! Okay, rant over.

PS: If anyone wants to see what the packing looked like when it fell out, I have a picture... it was pretty gross lol

Jillian Lindsey 2 kids; Mosheim, Tennessee 2354 posts
Nov 29th '12

i had both of my bottom two packed he came to the office after close to pak them for me when you getthe repacked keep tweezer close i had to keep shoving the gauze backin i hope it starts feeling better that hurts like a b***h!