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Nov 29th '12

At what age did you start feeing your child solids? My daughter is just 8 months and is down to 4 bottles a day and only 5 oz in each bottle. She has a HUGE spitting up issue and I have tried every single formula, breast milk medication offered and nothing has helped. at 6 months I started solids and she loves it. Is their a suggested amount of formula that should be consumed daily? I just want to make sure she is getting enough nutrients from the formula but she can only drink 5 oz because if I give her more it just flows right back out

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Nov 29th '12

I started purees at 3months.

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Nov 29th '12

Every baby is different with formula,nobody can really give you a exact amount it depends on the baby. : )

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Nov 29th '12

Normally a baby would need to be getting the majority of their nutrition from formula until a year, and food would just be for practice. But in your daughter's case I think I would ask her doctor about being referred to a nutritionist. She obviously has a special circumstance and I would just feel safer talking to a professional of I were you. Good luck!

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Nov 29th '12

Recommended formula is 24-32 oz per day. Your lo is just under by a few oz. So I would make sure lo is eating foods enriched with iron.

I started table foods at 6 months of age. Slightly put through the blender. But full of texture not big chunks she has no teeth. Lol

She started with real oatmeal in the morning with cooked apples and cinnamon in it.

Toast with unsalted butter and light pb.

Avocados banana yogurt baby carrots all stuff like this cooked and mashed up and seasoned

I don't like jarred foods at all I just made and still make she is now 10 months old a batch of foods one day a week and freeze it for the upcoming week.

But yeah foods with iron in it since lo drinks just below the amount needed

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Nov 29th '12

The Dr thinks its just a faulty flap and she is just a Spitter -upper! I had to go behind her back to another Dr in the office to treat her for possible acid reflux. We tried the medication for about 1 month and no change in the spitting up so I discontinued using it. She gains weight so they are not worried about her in that Dept.
I feed her a bottle when she wakes up 5 oz
and around 1 to 2 hours later I feed her 2 small scoops of baby oatmeal and a jar of baby food 4 oz (fruit) about 3 hours later another 5 oz bottle. Lunch at 12 2 scoops of oatmeal with baby food (veggie ) 4oz depending on how she feels she sometimes takes a bottle 5oz. 3 hours later another bottle and dinner at 4:30 2 scoops of oatmeal and 4oz jar of baby food usually meat/veggies. She goes to bed so early! every night around 5 she is DONE and gets up at 5/6 the next day. So its not like their really is any more hours in the day for her to consume more food....