Samantha turlington Due August 25 (boy); Columbus, Ohio 3189 posts
Nov 29th '12

my so called me his ex wife name at the beginning of our relationship but that's his sisters name too lol...

ButterballBoutique 1 child; 3790 posts
Nov 29th '12

I've called DH my brothers name before (actually I do it pretty regularly!) However DH has called me by his ex wifes name when I was nagging at him one time; it didn't bother me, but tore him up.

Gah... 50 kids; 15477 posts
Nov 29th '12

eh, i woke so up once and he called me lupita... wtf? so when he was fully awake i was like "wtf?!" he was like "but...we had alot of money and we had a maid" lol.. I wasnt mad, he was having an odd sex dream for sure.