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Nov 28th '12

My Little man turns 12 weeks today!!!!! and it marks 12 weeks of breastfeeding :) im so in love with my little man and i feel so accomplished for going this long with breastfeeding. He has not had one drop of formula!! yay!!!

Im siting here cuddling with him cuz I have to go back to work in 8 hours :( im so glad i got to spend 12 weeks with my baby but im not ready. I really hope i can continue breastfeeding him to. I have yet to tell my manager that i need to pump, i guess i feel awkward talking to him about it cuz he is a guy.....any tips????

P.S i really wish you could post pics and videos from a phone :(

Emma's Mama ♥ 1 child; 1089 posts
Nov 29th '12

I think you should have definitely told your boss beforehand that you are breastfeeding and need to take breaks to pump so you would both be prepared. Being prepared is the one thing that will make it easier on you.