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☠Jenniefahhh 1 child; Djibouti 70810 posts
Nov 28th '12

I never get it. It ALWAYS makes me sick.

@rmy Mom 1 child; Texas 36 posts
Nov 28th '12

It is not scientifically possible for someone who gets the flu shot to get the flu from the shot. It is an inactive vaccine meaning that it is not a live virus, however it takes 2 to 3 weeks to take affect so if you have been exposed to the flu in that time frame then you can still get the flu. Also It is not possible to be covered by every strain of the flu. The vaccine is made up of a combination of the 3/4 most common strains, it will however lessen the symptoms if you catch another strain.
The flumist (the nasal spray) however is an active vaccine and is possible to catch the flu from that. I would recommend getting the shot because most flu deaths are in infants/toddlers and the ederly so I would do anything possible to safeguard my child.

Emma's Mama ♥ 1 child; 1089 posts
Nov 28th '12

I actually just got one 2 days ago. I had a sore arm, but I did not get sick whatsoever from it. And I haven't gotten sick any other time that I've gotten the shot. I got it last year when I was 2 months pregnant.

Just like someone else said, the flu shot does NOT give you the flu. The flu shot is a dead virus.. Therefore you cannot "catch" the flu from it. You may have a reaction to it which could cause you to feel a little crappy, but not the flu. The shot doesn't start working immediately anyway. You could be exposed to a strand of the virus BEFORE you get the shot or before it is effective and get sick. But yeah, the flu shot doesn't protect against every single strand of the flu.

I think lots of people are misinformed about this. I was at the health department yesterday and heard two women talking and one of them asked the other if she got the flu shot... And she responded with "nooo! I never get a flu shot. My mama always told me not to get one because it will make you feel bad. I don't want to get sick."

applelove 1 child; auburn, CA, United States 6529 posts
Nov 28th '12
Quoting M&D's Momma:" The flu shot doesn't give you the flu. The reason why some people say they got the flu when they got ... [snip!] ... the flu when they got the shot was because they probably got infected with the a different strand, not protected by the shot."

Science proves that the shot can not give you the flu virus you are getting a shot for... unless you already have it

applelove 1 child; auburn, CA, United States 6529 posts
Nov 28th '12
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