*some TMI*Okay, my turn for a late labor story CrAsH1988 Due June 17; 2 kids; Spencer, West Virginia 204 posts
Nov 28th '12

Date: Friday the 9th, about 6:30 pm
Just talked to DH, says he's working late again. He knows his brothers kids are coming over to answer the phone call from jail to talk to their father(Long story short, SO's brother is in jail for murder, the wife wont accept jail calls) So I'm pissed cause im just "uncle john's wife" and I know it will be awkward, just hanging out with them(twin boys @ 17 y.o. and Girl @ 8 y.o.) Fast forward, Kids are here, their dad can only talk for a minute, so basically wasted trip over here. They leave, SO gets home, i've already had dinner with DD1 and am kinda peeved, I tell him he needs to find himself something for dinner, he does, etc etc.. Fast forward again, Finally got the kiddo into her bed, I'm feelin kinda randy so we *TMI WARNING* do some anal, both orgasm etc.. Went to sleep. When DD1 woke up about an hour later, SO brings her into our bed, just like every night. Had a contraction during this, went back to sleep. Woke up at 2 am, a bad contraction, goes away, okay, i'm better now... Try to go back to sleep, oh man, i gotta poo... *More TMI* Go into bathroom, have a bad contraction and loose stool, another contraction before I'm done peeing. Finish, go into try to go back to bed, Repeat about 3 times. Finally decide this sucks, im prob not going back to sleep, Sit in livingroom contracting painfully till about 2:45ish, go wake up SO and tell him i'm dying.... I need someone to hug me. We sit in livingroom debating calling my parents to be here with LO(he wants to call, I dont want it to be time yet) Call the parents tell them its time. They finally get there about 3:45, Seemed like FOREVER, but they live like 30 mins away. Left for the hospital, and got ther about 4 or 4:10 idk. Took like almost an hour of sitting in the L&D triage before they got me into a room. Epi @ about 5:30 or 6, then took a nap, woke up about 10:45 am and just felt like it was about time, Called my mother to let her know how I was doing & that I was going to have the nurses check me again and would call her back soon. Made SO wake up and go get someone to check me, they checked, done dialating, go get my CRN, she told me "practice push to see how it's going" Pushed, "woah, okay stop so I can get my gear on" wait wait wait... "okay give me a small push" Push "okay, so shes got lots of hair, push again" Push, head pops out, suction out mouth etc, push again and out she comes. Had my eyes open this time( didn't with DD1) and watched her come out, instant skin to skin contact and everything. After everything she latched almost immediately, instant love & bonding :)

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Nov 28th '12

Awe yay! Congrats!!!