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Nov 30th '12
Quoting October2011:" Thats why i never go i hate messing up our routine."

I know how you feel, at the beginning I did not hardly go anywhere, but at 7 months old we took him to the seaside for a week, it took me so much out of my comfort zone that I could have cried. I also realised that Ethan could work round me instead of me always working round Ethan.

Now we can go out to the play center in the morning for 3 hours, he will fall asleep in the car on way home and I still get him to sleep for 2 hours.

It will be lovely when he finally cuts the morning nap completely without being grumpy, but we go with the flow, popped him down this morning, after 20 minutes still playing, so got him up and popped him down for his dinner nap and at the moment he has had 1 hour 45 minutes :D