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Nov 28th '12

My due date was 10/16/12 which was to be the date of my last OB visit and would talk about when we wanted to be induced. On October 15 at 5a.m I woke up and felt a small gush, wasn't sure if it was my water or if I had peed myself, so I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom and every time i went to stand up I felt another gush. I knew then it was my water so I grabbed a towel and went and woke up my boyfriend. Since i wasn't having any contractions he took a shower and got the rest of our things together while i made phone calls. We left home around 6:30 which was when I first started noticing very mild contractions, if we didn't live so far away from the hospital we chose to deliver at (same as our first) we probably would have waited until my contractions were closer together. Anyway we got to the hospital and checked in around 8:30a.m, when my Dr came in to check me I was 2cm and 50% effaced. They started me on pitocin sometime before 10a.m and we walked around the maternity floor for a few hours before my contractions started getting more intense. My Nurse checked me again around 1p.m and I was only at 3cm. I started having contractions in my back around 2p.m so they got me a birthing ball to sit on and I tell you what it really helped with the contractions and took them away from my back. I rolled around on that ball on and off until around 4:30p.m when they checked me again and I was still only at 3cm but the pain was getting so intense that I pretty much bagged for my epidural, which I finally got at 5:30p.m and when they checked me after it took affect (which was awesome! With my first son it wore off quick and didn't work as well as this time) I was at 4cm. It was nice to be able to relax but I was worried the epi would wear off like last time. I fell asleep around 6:30-7 that night and woke up at 8:30 feeling my contractions again so since they gave me that button thing that I just push and it gives you a shot of the epi (cant remember what it was called) I did that and the pain just intensified so the nurse checked me and THANK GOD I was at 10cm! The nurse went and called the Dr and came back and had me push and quickly told me to quit because my sons head was right there so she went and got a couple other nurses. During that time I could feel him just keep on coming even though I was not pushing. From the time my nurse left to call the Dr to the time my son came into this world was only a matter of 10-15minutes! My Dr was 5minutes late so my son was delivered my 4 nurses!

Eleazer Harold was born on October 15, 2012 at 8:48p.m, weighing 5lbs 15 1/4oz and 19 1/2inches long
His body temp was a little low so I held him skin to skin to get it back up
with Big Brother Urijah
My beautiful family!
ready to go home!
1 week old
Pictures taken by my mom
5weeks old

my little man is now 6 weeks old and weighs 8lbs 7oz!
Thanks for reading/looking! I love my boys more than anything! I'm glad they are both happy and healthy.

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Nov 28th '12

Congrats! And I have to say you have such a beautiful little family!

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Nov 28th '12

He is just the sweetest little boy! I especially love the photo taken when it was time to go home. Congratulations, momma! You have such gorgeous little boys, and a beautiful family!

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Nov 28th '12

he is sooo cute and little oh my shit!!! i cant wait to have my little man ! congrats mama!!