sex Misty Meeches Due May 29 (boy); 5 kids; British Columbia 8 posts
Nov 28th '12

My boyfriend and I are in love and usaly have a great sex life! Now I'm 23 week's now and he wont touch me! Latly we fight over it and this morning I see that he would rather beat off alone than help a very stressed out sex depride me. I feel hurt and angry! I feel unatrctive and ugly...........any one else having this problem?

coffee-holic 4 kids; Maryland 1586 posts
Nov 28th '12

It happens sometimes. He may just be worried about hurting the baby. Have you talked to him about your feelings?

Misty Meeches Due May 29 (boy); 5 kids; British Columbia 8 posts
Nov 28th '12

we have talked he isn't intrusted in me any more!

Monique Arambula Due January 29; Oregon 1 posts
Nov 28th '12

O my. That was an ass response! I bet the real
Answer is because he doesn't like feelin the baby . My hubby is the same wy and would also make that ass remark to get out of yelling you his freaked out! I get pissed to and Definally deprived! I'm sorry I know how u feel

furrbabiesmommy 18 kids; California 16570 posts
Nov 28th '12

maybe is he is afraid he will hurt the baby or you. Or finds it weird to have sex with a baby growing in you. Talk to him.

Sammie97 2 kids; Ontario 16 posts
Nov 28th '12

I know this suounds weird but we have sex when ever. He was scared at first that he thought it would hurt me and the baby but i told him it was fine well it happened we did it all the way up untill my duedate we had it and my baby came 3 days early we had sex went to sleep 2 hours later my water boke and and he thought he had done that. they just dont know try talking to him about what wont hurt you!

✨Kati✨ Due May 20; 1 child; Memphis, TN, United States 3224 posts
status Nov 28th '12

I wouldn't take it personally. Alot of men get freaked out to have sex while their woman is pregnant. My so didn't want to when i hit 30 weeks,honestly it didn't bother me at all i was already miserable and the last thing i wanted was d**k.