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    • Natural, didn't tear. -- Votes: 7
    • Natural, did tear. -- Votes: 12
    • Epidural, didn't tear. -- Votes: 15
    • Epidural, did tear. -- Votes: 21
    • I had a c-section. -- Votes: 14
AJRex TTC since Nov 2015; 2 kids; Over There, KY, United States 12441 posts
Nov 28th '12

With Brooklyn I had an epi and I did not tear...but I HATED the experience.
With Hunter I went natural and I did tear a little...but I didn't even know until after when the doctor told me. I loooooved the experience of not having an epi. The only pain I had with the tear was the first hour or so it was uncomfortable to sit. But it didn't last long.

Mrs. Galeforce Due October 11; TTC since Apr 2013; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Colorado springs, CO, United States 2507 posts
Nov 28th '12

I really recommend using water as a natural way to help you stretch better. I had a pretty big baby vaginally and my midwife compared it to a knee scrape. It hurt so bad after awards though. Like to go pee, I had to use a perry bottle. (I think they are called that)

*Mommy of 6* 6 kids; 2 angel babies; Castlewood, Virginia 3449 posts
Nov 29th '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting kthx.:</b>" I've been telling myself I want to go natural... the thought of having a needle in my back and limiting ... [snip!] ... kind of tell when to push, without forcing it. But... tearing is sometimes just inevitable. So.. what was your experience?"</blockquote>

Ive had 4 natural births and tore with all but 1, and I honestly didn't feel the tear. I'm a small person and my biggest baby was 9lbs 8.5oz (she caused the biggest tear) and she was honestly the easiest to push out! Luckily, I've never had to push longer than 10 minutes though. :)