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hospital nursery *poll* snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11978 posts
Nov 28th '12

curious about other hospitals...

I'm not talking about NICU... or procedures (circ, assessment by docs, weights)..

but at night, for YOU to get some sleep.... what was the practice with nursery in your hospital? did they offer it, allow it, even have one available??

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
Nov 28th '12

It was an option but I could never imagine using it. Especially with breastfeeding.

Norah&Ellie's Momma Due June 25; 2 kids; Kentucky 4190 posts
Nov 28th '12

They offered, but recommended we keep DD in the room. I kept her the whole time except when they needed to take her. Let's just say I only got about 4 hours sleep total.

wigglewaddle 2 kids; Wichita, Kansas 2399 posts
Nov 28th '12

They constantly offered so I could get rest, and I always refused.

Ni✗✗i 2 kids; Falcon Heights, Texas 5378 posts
Nov 28th '12

my hospital offered nursery or room in. We had her in our room the whole time except while we ate our "special dinner"- and then we only let them take her because she was screaming bloody murder lol.

b.r.i.t.t.a.n.y. 1 child; Washington 433 posts
Nov 28th '12

At the hospital where I delivered, they had a nursery you could send your baby to after he/she was born if you wanted to. On the night my son was born I was really sick from the stress of labor. I am a diabetic and my sugars were out of control. So I sent my son to the nursery for a few hours until I felt well again. It was a lifesaver. But all the other days/nights I was in the hospital he was with me.

user banned Due April 2; Georgia 7200 posts
Nov 28th '12

We were actually only allowed to keep the boys for certain times, until our last night in l & d. We were there 4 days.

gonegoodbye Bangkok, Thailand 6336 posts
Nov 28th '12

They offered but he had already been in the nursery earlier for the lights for jaundice so I said no

DeanJade&Mak's Mom 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Los Angeles, CA, United States 8830 posts
Nov 28th '12

They didn't offer,
when they did come to take them I tried to knock out b4 they bought them back lol, I guess because my husband was always there with my 2 normal deliveries, they just left us alone... he would take baby and I got to sleep.

B,K,L,&T! 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Michigan 1094 posts
Nov 28th '12

Our son stayed in the room but the nurses did take him up to the station for a few hours so my husband and I could get some sleep.

RyanKarlie 2 kids; Sedona, Arizona 472 posts
Nov 28th '12

With DD it wasn't even an option. With DS they offered but I said no because of breastfeeding. And I didn't like the nurses lol.

I'm His Amy He's My Rory 2 kids; Caldwell, Idaho 49366 posts
Nov 28th '12

They offered to take him after I hadn't slept in 5 days and was having a physical break down. But he just went to the nurses station. No nursery.

OhLoveLove Due January 28 (girl); TTC since Apr 2014; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 2634 posts
Nov 28th '12

I had them take Nathan for part of the night because I had such a difficult and stressful delivery and needed sleep to stay sane.
Its nice to have, even if its only for a few hours for the night or 2 you are in the hospital- once you get home there's no breaks!


Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 23349 posts
Nov 28th '12

with my 1st (14yrs ago) they took them automatically fr 2hours after birth and offered throughout my stay.
With my 2nd (11.5yrs ago) they didn't take him at all but did offer.
With my 3rd (19mos ago) they don't have a nursery for healthy babies anymore. It's been phased out completely and now they only offer couplet are, the baby's bath and all it's check ups take place in mom's room. They are only taken out of the room if there are complications of some sort.

Shannon +4 Due February 22 (boy); 4 kids; Beaumont, Alberta 9281 posts
Nov 28th '12

It is not even an option where I am! Even if they did thought I would not have sent any of my kids to the nursery it would be there first night in their life and I loved spending every minute of it with all 3 of mine tired or not :).