Madilyn's First Carrots*Pic Overload One_Hott_Momma 2 kids; Michigan 779 posts
Nov 27th '12

I made two weeks worth of first foods, carrots and bananas in my Baby Bullet. Most of it is in the freezer, but first we tried carrots. Look how cute my big six month old is! ANd now, here are some pictures :

Madilyn and Toby
378859_3428452048625_689915256_n.jpgYummy carrots29571_3428452768643_1433616571_n.jpg

*TaraT&3peas* Due March 31; 2 kids; Ohio 359 posts
Nov 27th '12

awwww she is sooo cute!!!! that last one is my favorite!!! i think im gonna buy the baby bullet, how do you like it???

__Julia__ 1 child; Phoenix, Arizona 136 posts
Nov 27th '12

Wow she has so much hair! My baby is 5 1/2 months old and a baldy. Its weird to me that other babies have so much more hair than her. haha

Nobody bye 1 child; Nowhere, La, United States 951 posts
Nov 27th '12

Awww she is beautiful ! With a head full of hear. My son has a little curly mohawk and hes 5 months lol :)

One_Hott_Momma 2 kids; Michigan 779 posts
Nov 28th '12

Thanks guys :) And if you can believe it she was born with more hair lol :). Yesterday was my first time using the baby bullet and I love it! It is so convienient and it was nice to be able to make 2 weeks worth of food and freeze it. Plus, I can use any produce that I might have otherwise thrown out eventually.