Folate Lucy Hanson TTC since Nov 2012; Japan 1 posts
Nov 27th '12

Hi all, I am ready to start conceiving and heard that you take folate to help with spina bifida. I get my folate from Blue Sky Vitamins because I trust them and their's is easy on the stomach. My question is though how long should you take it for during your pregancy eg right to labor? Thank you and I wish you all the best.

[yo.] 1 child; Gayville, South Dakota 13371 posts
Nov 27th '12

Pretty sure it's folic acid to prevent spina bifida

*Lindsey* 3 kids; Alberta 8816 posts
Nov 27th '12

You can just take a prenatal vitamin while ttc and throughout your pregnancy and after as well. It has the folic acid in it.