I need new recipes SMBC**TTC#3 TTC since Jun 2013; 2 kids; California 17924 posts
Nov 27th '12

I'm so hungry but nothing ever sounds good.... what are your fav recipes?

Harper's Momma 1 child; Virginia 99 posts
Nov 27th '12

go to pinterest. click food&drink under categories. it will change your life (:

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Nov 27th '12

Sweet and spicy Meatballs

1 lb meatballs (I usually make my own)
1 bottle chili sauce
1 jar grape jelly
Onion, diced
Green pepper, diced
Pineapple chunks

Put everything in a crock pot until heated

Sooooo good. It's what I'm making now

Wife and Mommy of 4 4 kids; California 804 posts
Nov 27th '12
Quoting Harper's Momma:" go to pinterest. click food&drink under categories. it will change your life (:"

That's the truth.

Needingabreak 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, Bg, United States 12127 posts
Nov 27th '12

I'm obsessed with my crocpot! This is what's for dinner:

1lb chicken breast, pour 1 cup of chicken broth over it.
In another bowl mix 1 can cream of chicken with 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Fold in a box of stuffing. (I used stovetop cornbread stuffing) and add it to the chicken in the crocpot.
Put on low for 6-8hrs.

IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Only 2 hours to go!

BunnyGirl19 6 kids; 10 angel babies; Oregon 18542 posts
Nov 27th '12

Glorified chicken.

Cut up a whole chicken or use a family pack of chicken legs. Salt and pepper chicken. Roll in flour. Brown lightly in frying pan. Put in casserole dish with 4 cans cream of mushroom with roasted garlic (or all plain without garlic or combo of two types so long as it's 4 cans). Bake in oven with lid on the casserole dish at 350 degrees for 1-1/2 hours. Serve with long grain wild rice, scooping some mushroom gravy on it from the chicken. My favorite!!!