What to avoid? ~Cullen & Ridley's Mommy~ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Missouri 18928 posts
Nov 27th '12

I am breastfeeding DD and I'm just curious if there are any foods that I should be avoiding? I have an aunt who breastfed and she told me a few things but they seem silly and more of a myth than anything.

user banned (boy); 2 kids; f**king, Austria 36337 posts
Nov 27th '12

I eat whatever I want. lol

wannaknow 2 kids; California 475 posts
Nov 27th '12

spicy and greasy foods can give them a tummy ache. According to my sister in law who is currently nursing.

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Nov 27th '12

Nothing really. Apparently garlic makes it taste better. I didn't test that theory out on my own though.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
Nov 27th '12

Caffeine and foods that are notorious for causing gas should be eaten sparingly.

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Nov 27th '12

It will be trial and error w/your baby.

I couldn't eat much dairy because it would cause M to get really gassy and she got her daddy's tummy issues so I was super careful.

Sometimes green veggies will cause gas too. If I ate a lot of broccoli she wouldn't be happy after a feeding.

I still had the occasional drink, still ate my spicy foods (which werent THAT spicy) and still ate my sushi.

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Nov 27th '12

Spicy foods. It tends to cause gas in the babies. If baby has any sort of reaction and you can't figure it out by any outside source, try thinking of foods you've eaten that maybe you hadn't introduced til then.

I'm me 4 kids; Kentucky 3109 posts
Nov 27th '12

I've heard onions can make it taste bad. not sure though.

1 child; United Kingdom 1719 posts
Nov 27th '12

I don't eat anything different really.
If anything I eat quite a bit of spicey foods, dairy and garlic and DS can't get enough b**b. I think it all depends on whether your LO is getting fussy, then you can try and eliminate things to see if it helps.

Freya D Due December 27; 1 child; Brookings, Oregon 1196 posts
Nov 27th '12

It all depends on the baby when DS was little his tummy would hurt if i ate chocolate, or dairy. there are also some foods/herbs that will hurt your supply

7Lisa7 Australia 736 posts
Nov 28th '12

nothing if you don't have to :-) me I can't have dairy, chocolate, spicy food, caffeine :-((((( can't wait till the day I can have a milkshake and a peice of cheesecake LOL followed by a big bar of chocolate.

All trial and error. Takes about 3 weeks to figure out if dairy affecting them as that how long it takes to get out of your system so don't expect anything to happen over night.
I could eat anything with my first 2.
I think I can't have too much corn either. Couldn't have tomatoes for a while but seem to be able to now