I know it's kind of wrong...(question) nendhsiwjru 6 kids; Denver, Co, United States 37137 posts
Nov 26th '12

But everyday I wake up hoping and praying DD's eye color hasn't changed. lol :lol:

Both my boys have brown eyes...and they had brown eyes from the beginning.
I have brown eyes...

DH has hazel eyes...

and DD (12 weeks) has this:
if your child's eye color old were they when it happened?

Pey and Trista's mommy Due January 5; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Houston, Texas 42508 posts
Nov 26th '12

My niece was well into her toddler years when her blue eyes turned green.

Ronnie RadKat 4 kids; Arizona 23349 posts
Nov 26th '12

My middle child was 2.5 before his color stopped changing. They went from gray to blue. Then blue to a gorgeous aqua color. Then aqua to hazel. They're more like a honey brown now that show green from time to time.

susanesque 2 kids; Georgia 8430 posts
Nov 26th '12

DD's eyes were the prettiest green up until she was just over 18 months, now they are brown like mine & DH's.

Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 15131 posts
Nov 26th '12

I do the same thing with my son!!

I have light brown and DH has pale blue. My son's started out dark blue, then turned lighter, and now are brown on the inside, then green in the middle, then a little blue on the outside. I keep hoping they'll stay that way! He's 13 1/2 months.

xrawrr 1 child; 1 angel baby; Toronto, Ontario 791 posts
Nov 26th '12

apparently it can be years before they stop changing, thats what i was told anyway (i asked my dr about it once since i didnt know they changed at all lol i thought they were born with whatever eye color they were gonna have)

my boy has beautiful deep gray/blue eyes and i love them, i hope they dont change xD

nendhsiwjru 6 kids; Denver, Co, United States 37137 posts
Nov 26th '12


I guess I just have to wait lol

thanks for the replies!

Fides*Spes*Amor 35 kids; San Diego, California 26321 posts
Nov 27th '12

Isabelle's eyes turned a green/blue from blue at like 12mo I wanna say?

Now- I had blue eyes until I was 3.. then they turned deep brown lmao- my mother was heartbroken! lol

✨Kati✨ Due May 20; 1 child; Memphis, TN, United States 3268 posts
Nov 27th '12

My boy's eyes have stayed the same color they're blueish/green. He will probably have green eyes as he gets older.

j0des(+2) 18 kids; Virginia 5095 posts
Nov 27th '12

both my boys eye color has always stayed the same!

my oldest..
blueeyes.jpgso... hold out hope!

my youngest has a lighter shade..

excuse the excessive drool lol

I'm actually holding out hope my youngest will end up with my eye color(green hazel) since he has my hair color...

mama2manyyy 33 kids; South Carolina 1823 posts
Nov 27th '12

My eyes are green and husbands are brown but green run in his family. My son had greenish grey eyes until 8 weeks and suddenly they were brown. We were a little disappointed, he is so adorable and green eyes would look really good on him since he has dark hair and a nice golden color, but oh well.