HELP he wont eat Take me as I am 18 kids; Wyoming 1669 posts
Nov 26th '12

So DS has been on similac alimentum (sp) and his pedi wanted me to mix in 1 oz of advanced to bring in a milk based formula so we could get him on milk. (He just turned 1 on friday) I make 7oz bottles so i made all bottles 6oz and 1oz advanced. He took one taste an hour ago and wont drink now. He will push it away and cry. I don't know what to do, hold off and if he gets hungry enough he will eat it or dump all the premade bottles out and go back to 100% formula he likes? Poor thing and stupid momma for making all these bottles before testing it out. TIA

Leisurely Duchess 1 child; Monterey, California 25884 posts
Nov 26th '12

Go back to what works, and next time try a mix using less milk. There's no urgent reason to start them on cow's milk at 1 year, as long as the child is receiving nutrients from other sources; things like formulas, breast milk and meal-replacement drinks can provide complete nutrition as long as the person is getting enough of it.

I would say don't try to force it and make it stressful on yourself and baby.