MyPurrrtyBabies 3 kids; Dothan, AL, United States 8386 posts
Nov 26th '12
Quoting MyPurrrtyBabies:" TTC= Trying To Concieve. There is a thread here on BG that has what all the abbrievated words are..... just a sec maybe I can find it"

Here ya go...

It'll help. When I first started BG (baby gaga) there were soooo many I didn't know and there still is a lot I don't know but that list will help.

NinaBonita Dallas, Texas 52 posts
Nov 26th '12
Quoting NinaBonita:" TTC?"

Oh ok thanks yes im new to and not so fast but whatever happens, happens :)

* Sara * 2 kids; Texas 18864 posts
Nov 26th '12

I absolutely hated it. It made me feel awful and I bled a lot on it too.