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Nov 26th '12

AF was last here on 18Oct && should have come back around 19Nov (28-32 day cycles). Well I went to the bathroom one day and noticed a spot of blood (not brown but medium red EWCM look) when I wiped. I've never noticed that before and if it has happened in the past, it's been a long while since it last happened. I never saw anymore blood after that.

Today is CD40...still nothing...confused0071.gifrolleye0018.gif I'm holding out until Thursday or Friday.

Usually I would just chalk this all up to a late AF but I haven't had my normal PMS, preAF hell symptoms. My b**bs are typically swollen and sore as heck a week or less before, crazy salt cravings, crazy mood swings, I can usually feel the cramps a day or so before it starts, && a very particular back pain right above my bum. All I've got now is being crazy tired, feeling like I'm kinda nauseous (I've never really been nauseous but I'm assuming this is what it feels like) especially when I first wake up, and a steady back pain.

Yea yea yea, phantom pregnancy symptoms... I'm trying to keep my brain clear so I don't end up there.