does your child talk a lot in their sleep username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Nov 25th '12

mine does. he wakes up at least once every night talking about who knows what.. most of the time hes mumbling and i cant understand what hes talking about. i just wish i knew what he was dreaming about sometimes because most times you can tell hes mas or sad :(

Mandy Evans 2 kids; Ohio 1447 posts
Nov 25th '12
Angela & Austin's Mama :) 2 kids; Wyoming 4998 posts
Nov 25th '12

My daughter does, I hate it. I wake up instantly when she does it and strain to listen to understand what she's saying. She even gets up and does stuff in her sleep. It's sad :(

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
Nov 25th '12
Quoting Mandy Evans:" my 16 month old does this, has since about 12 months..crazy. and i wake up and watch him on the montior, ... [snip!] ... back down a few min later. weird. my mom says i talked and walked all the time in my sleep, so maybe he gets it from me? dunnno"

yea he does the same with sitting up in bed and just talks about who knows what. i do the same thing so obviously ive passed it onto him

April L Chapman 3 kids; Oklahoma 196 posts
Nov 25th '12

My child talks some in her sleep. She really talks the most or more like mumbles the most when she has been under a lot of stress or has had an exciting day.

C A R M E L A💜 1 child; Mahopac, New York 16272 posts
Nov 25th '12

YES !!!

my daughter talks in her sleep every single night.

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3473 posts
Nov 25th '12

My oldest girl has n still does its so funny she usually rambles on about something she saw, listened to, or did right before bed. Hubby talks in his sleep too. When he comes hm after work the oldest will tell him something she did that day but she's out like a light. One night we had a convo w her about marshmallows. Never sat up, never opened her eyes, snored in b/t sentences, etc.