Michayla08 18 kids; California 989 posts
Nov 25th '12

I had one with this current pregnancy which caused a tear in the placenta. I had 4 bleeds with spotting in between until about 18 weeks. I think mine bled some of it out and absorbed the rest. Mine appeared to have healed by 21 weeks.... which in most cases do and most women go on to have normal healthy pregnancies. Especially if its small one like yours! I am 35+3 weeks now. Good luck mama I am sure all will be well!!

*Mama G* 2 kids; Massachusetts 2252 posts
Nov 26th '12
Quoting Cynthia Ramey:" i guess i just realized how negative my post was and it is unhelpful for you. i'm sure your case isnt ... [snip!] ... high risk. i'm really sorry you are worried but i believe if it was something to worry about someone would have told you."

Thank you and don't worry about it :) I am feeling much better about it after looking up websites and talking to other mamas. Seeing that on my record when I'd never even heard of it scared me at first.