f**king hate feeling down Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Nov 24th '12

I f**king hate this. I don't want to be with him but I do. I just want to be happy. For whatever reason I do love that stupid shithead. I want our relationship to be like it was before we found out I was pregnant when he treated me like a queen. I want us to cuddle and have him rub my belly and tell me about his day and watch a movie and laugh. I just want to read comics and talk about them with him and talk about the comics he wants to make. I just want to be in a relationship where I can share all my stresses and worries and have another set of shoulders help carry them. I want to be appreciated and cherished and feel like I'm making his life easier and better and he feels like a lucky f**king bastard for landing me. And I really f**king don't want to be alone but I don't feel right being with anyone sexually or emotionally while carrying another man's baby and once he's born I'll be too tired. And once things settle down who the f**k is going to want the baggage of a 23 year old b***h with two kids by two different a*****es. And my batting average is pretty f**king shitty so far so I probably shouldn't trust how I feel about any guy again anyway. The two guys i've ever fallen for both suck.

I'm just to exhausted to deal with this shit.

A&J. ♥ 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5613 posts
Nov 25th '12

I feel the same. :-( *hugs*
I hope it gets better

Carla Orta Due February 8; 1 child; Orange, Texas 26 posts
Nov 25th '12

You might not want to date if you feel down about yourself. Because you will attract guys that will make it worse. I have dated when I was depressed and attracted guys that would only want me for sex and not want to be seen in public with me. Or ones that would call me bad names and tell me I would not leave them because no one else would love me and I was lucky to eaven be with them even though they treated me badly. And I was at such a low point in my life I believed them.
If you do decide to date, Do please be careful for your kid's sake.
Also one of my close friends has 3 kids by one guy and one by her new husband so there are guys that are good and will accept you for who you are. You just have to be patient.

NerfHerder 2 kids; Denver, CO, United States 6255 posts
Nov 25th '12

Is there anyway you guys can try again, you know, like start over? If you really want to be with him and you love him, it's worth a try. Plus a baby on the way.