40 weeks today and nothing Lacie Heethuis-Roy Due November 23 (girl); Caledonia, Michigan 441 posts
Nov 24th '12

no sign or haveing this baby soon was due today im kinda bummed looks like it could be a december baby i was hopeing she would be a november baby cause her dads b day and a few other fam members are this month dont get checked agian til wed was dialed 1-2 75% effaced and -1 station tuesday when i was checked

martinez♥ Due February 13; 2 kids; Fort Myers, Florida 2596 posts
Nov 24th '12

Go walk a lot and have sex! Maybe that'll get some stuff started

Carla Orta Due February 8; 1 child; Orange, Texas 26 posts
Nov 24th '12

I was induced at 41 weeks and it took 2 days after that to give birth. But my doc. said they would do a c-section if I have not given birth before 42 weeks. I think you might run into complications.

Nicole Galusha Due November 24 (boy); Des Moines, Iowa 58 posts
Nov 25th '12

I am right there with u. Today is my due date an im not even dilated or nothing. Its a big let down... an trust, me an my babys dad have been getting busy an im still workin yet nothing changes. My ob is the 28th i bet they will set up another apt then induce us.. good luck babe.