help!! concerned... Trisha Beck 1 child; Pennsylvania 303 posts
Nov 24th '12

My lil guy is 6 weeks now and I breast feed him...he's gaining weight and doing very good but recently in did something that I'm really concerned about...I pumped a good stock so my husband could feed him when I went to a baby shower and there was a few bags left I figured they could be used when we have friends over or we go somewhere because I'm not fully comfortable feeding him in's my concern: the one night I fed him with the bottle which the nurse told me not to be in the same room when he's eating from a bottle...and now today I've been having trouble with keeping him latched on...could this be because of me feeding him the bottle or you think he's just haLolving a fussy day? That's the main reason though that in don't feel fully comfortable feeding him in public with the breast because there's a point sometime throughout the day everyday that he fusses and won't stay latched on and I never know what time of day he's going to do that...has anyone else ever had this happen? Sorry it's so long! Lol

Chellie 3 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4824 posts
Nov 24th '12

I never had issue with my baby taking b**b after having a bottle. Some babies just don't adapt as easily I guess and I gave my baby his first bottle at 3 days old because he was losing too much weight:(

However with both my boys, they tend to get fussy while nursing too and it is a pain sometimes, especially in public but I just sort of deal with it and let them do their thing. Over time it gets much easier to nurse in public. I was anxious about it when my first was born but now that I have my 2nd, it is just sort of natural to deal with it. Another thing that helps, especially with my baby, is taking them off and burping them. Even if nothing gets out it still helps, at least for me.

Good luck and just stick to it and remember that it will get easier as it goes:)

1 child; United Kingdom 1719 posts
Nov 24th '12

It could be. I tried to introduce a bottle of expressed milk every now and then with my son. He ended up getting really fussy when I tried to breast feed him after. I guess its because they get instant gratification from a bottle where as with breast feeding they actually have to work for it.
If you're concerned cut out the bottle, and don't be afraid to nurse in public! I was really nervous at first but a lot of people don't actually notice you have your b**b out and if they do they don't say anything. You could always get a cover too, then people won't see if he's being fussy!
Like the previous poster said they have their fussy days so just stick with it you sound like your doing a good job. Your gonna get days where he constantly feeds and disses loads but it calms down and is so worth it :)