low fluid meliissa martin Due April 27; Massachusetts 1 posts
Nov 24th '12

I am a little nervous because I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and have to go for a level 2 ultra sound. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

Liz McArthur 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 718 posts
Nov 24th '12

That happened to me my first pregnancy. They had me drink more water in the day and checked again a month or 2 later and my fluid was up way more.

k α y l α 1 child; RISING FAWN, Georgia 421 posts
Nov 24th '12

I had this happen in my 18th week. They had me drink more fluids and I came back for an ultrasound 4 weeks later, and my fluids were right where they needed to be. Try not to worry. Just drink a lot more water.