LeapPad 2.0 Vs Innotab 2S Momma Bear Mrs. Rodriguez 1 child; Chicago, Illinois 403 posts
Nov 24th '12

Hey ladies I'm torn between the two for my daughter. She is 2 1/2 years old. My husband and I are going tonight to purchase one of the two for her Christmas gift but I don't know which one to get. I'm not looking for anything in particular just as long as it's nice, durable, easy for her to play with, and worth the money. So, between the two which would you ladies suggest?! Pros and/or cons if you know any!!! Post and run!
TIA :)

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
Nov 24th '12

I personally went with the leap pad 2 for our LO. The innotab didn't have great reviews, and I like leap pad products.

Audreyymichelle Due June 14; 1 child; Delaware 2334 posts
Nov 24th '12


I just put The pink innotab 2s on layaway at Kmart.

Buffy♥ 2 kids; Japan 3746 posts
Nov 24th '12

I got the leap pad because I notice it's a lot easier to find games for.

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
Nov 24th '12

We got 5 leap pad 2's. Ranging from 8 years to 21 months.

Whitney*JAS*BMM* 2 kids; Texas City, Texas 12660 posts
Nov 24th '12

I think we are going to try to get the Nabi 2. It has amazing reviews and grows with your children. My girls are 4 and 2.

kdlfjsl;kdj;f;sdj Ireland 88 posts
Nov 25th '12

My son had the Innotab and Mobigo, I got them because they were cheaper and at the time said they were for ages starting at 3 and the leapfrog stuff started at 4 years old (I think, although this mightve changed by now) but the leap frog stuff seems to have a bigger variety of games available at walmart.