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Nov 24th '12

so an update from my last post... i went to my ob tuesday morning to be told i had a severe abscess and celulitis and my butt and upper back side of my leg. so they sent me to the er..

i had the abscess drained and with this being the 6th one which they wanted to do surgery for a fistula ( abscess is fill back up and if you push on it it drains through my rectum and fills up agian) they said all they can do is keep draining it until Noah comes then do surgery but with how severe it is they are talking about resectioning part of my colon. really shitty feeling no pun intended..

i have to have another c sections because the risks of making it worse is high.. so no vbac.. they want to rule out colon cancer and test for chrons.. i have to go to a GI next week