Can you see it? SashaCharms TTC since Jun 2012; Dayton, Ohio 46 posts
Nov 23rd '12

So i took this picture at 8dpo... (Couldnt help myself)
I can see it, my husband can see it, and my family and friends can see it.
Also, i heard that its not a evap line if you can catch it on camera or see it from a arms length. I dont need light to see it, i see it past arms length and of course i pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. & It Showed Up!!!
BUT its very faint - What do you ladies think :)

Katie Jepson Due January 19 (boy); 3 kids; Early, Iowa 632 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I saw it...i think lol. Good luck!

Harper's Momma 1 child; Virginia 99 posts
Nov 23rd '12

There first picture doesn't show up. But I dont see anything in the 2nd picture, sorry momma!

Crystal 3 kids; Hephzibah, Georgia 15566 posts
Nov 23rd '12

It should be a blue line. not pink. It's the control line. Try again in a few days.

Mamas 1144 Due March 12; 1 child; Kilgore, Texas 249 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I don't want to burst your bubble but I can't stand those. Every one that I've taken always has a faint vertical line with color and I've not been pregnant. I would say wait a few days and get a pink dye just to be sure. Baby dust to you though!

SashaCharms TTC since Jun 2012; Dayton, Ohio 46 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Ive fixed the first one.

✴ Mamacita {39w} Due October 23 (girl); Miami, FL, United States 4032 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I dont see it. Try with a pink dye test in another few days.

Snickles 4 kids; California 3086 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I've had one like that before, it was evap, blue dye tends to do that. I would try a pink dye

someonesangel Due April 19 (boy); Kansas City, Kansas 213 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I can see something but not sure what, I would defiantly try getting the first response test to see. My doctor said they are the most sensitive ones. I had a positive one even when the doctors test was negative. Pink over blue!

I♥RYLEIGH Due March 3; 1 child; 5 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10504 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I don't think the second line should be pink.......