Stomach ulcer? Vodka Knockers 1 child; North Carolina 8096 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I've been having issues lately, and I'm not sure it's just my IBS.
I've been having real bad stomach cramps, red stool (I assume it's blood, but the actual stool is red? I'm not drinking/eating things that are red...), and real bad nausea. Like, I can't eat in the mornings without gagging the entire way to school bad. Sometimes, I'll just randomly get nauseous and start gagging, I've vomited a few times. (ETA: I've also been having diarrhea)
I have been under a massive amount of stress, and I wouldn't doubt a stomach ulcer.
I have also taken a pregnancy test just because the nausea made me nervous (I AM on birth control and using it responsibly) and it was negative, so that's not an option.
Does it sound like a stomach ulcer or what?