Baby bump? Lindsay1089 Due May 1 (girl); 1 child; Indiana 75 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Ok so I'm 17 weeks and 1 day with my 2nd child. I'm very petite about 5 ft and 3 in tall and before baby I weighed 95 lbs very very fast metabolism! I'm still not really showing I'm real worried about it! And I need some advice. Is it just because I'm petite. I eat plenty and I take prenatals every night! I started showing late with my son but I still get worried. I just wanna know if I should go to the ER or try to get a ultrasound for it.. I'm on Medicaid so we only get 1 or 2 ultrasounds. I'm just very worried so please give me advice!

Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 15131 posts
Nov 23rd '12

That's not really a reason to visit the ER. It's for emergencies. If you're worried call your OB on Monday. You're still super early in your pregnancy and baby is still tiny. Don't stress.

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Not weird. I'm 5' 8" and I weighed 117 when I got pregnant with my first, I never showed really obviously. With numbe two I didn't really show obviously until about 24 weeks. Now with number three I'm definitely showing at 16 weeks 3 days.

Bri + 1.5 <3 Due October 20 (girl); 1 child; Florida 4350 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Don't worry about it girl. I have a friend who is 23 weeks & you can't even tell she is pregnant. As long as your doctor isn't concerned, you shouldn't be either. (:

Bettinas Due August 14; 2 kids; Australia 2223 posts
Nov 23rd '12

My friend's cousin didn't know she was pregnant because she was on BC and didn't show at all until she woke up one morning and was huge! The baby is still small and you probably carry closer to the spine :)

Rebekah 2 kids; Tennessee 5594 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I wouldn't worry momma, I wasn't really showing at that point unless I wore a really tight shirt.
This was me at 24 wks

KathrynPeep 1 child; Cheyenne, Wyoming 201 posts
Nov 23rd '12

My friend is just like you, didn't start showing until 25 weeks. And she weighed about 110. So your much smaller, dont expect a bump for a while. And when you do get one, your just gonna look like you ate a lot at thanksgiving, not actually a baby bump. That's one of the downsides of being tiny I guess. When my friend got pregnant it just looked like she was getting fat until about 34 weeks.

Lindsay1089 Due May 1 (girl); 1 child; Indiana 75 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Thank you so much everyone I'm deff feeling relieved about it now!!! I'll stop stressing about I have a appointment the 28th and I get my appointment for the ultrasound to find out the sex that day so shortly after I'll get to see baby! I really appreciate everyone's comments :)!

A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 18486 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I'm sure your fine, your size has next to nothing to with your baby's size or health.
I wish I had a pic from my first pregnancy to show you but I didn't start showing until 28 weeks, I still had a 4 pack up until 26 weeks so when I say not showing I really means not showing AT ALL. This is a pic of me at 19 weeks with my second baby (you usually show a little sooner when it's not your first but I wasn't showing at all)

and this is 20 weeks with my third, a little bigger.


All three of my babies were healthy and big, my first was 8 lbs 3 oz born at 39 weeks, my second was 7 lbs 14 oz born at 38 weeks, and my third was 9 lbs 8 oz born at 38 weeks. Belly size is virtually no indication of anything to do with the baby, it has a lot more to do with your build.