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Nov 23rd '12

I feel so sick!! Yesterday was Thanksgiving of course and then today we went to a steak place to watch the football game. I'm not sure if it was all the rich food yesterday (I had like 3 slices of peanut butter fudge and some cream cheese icing off of a red velvet cake) or something else. Before I had the fudge and icing, I just had the a few pieces of regular turkey and a roll (I'm super picky and don't like have the normal thanskgiving stuff) at noon and before we went to DH's family's I started cramping. I cramped for about an hour then stopped. At like 7 we went to DH's family and I had a piece or to of smoked, peppered and baked turkey, a couple rolls and the sweets between 7 and 8:45ish. Last night and this afternoon I started getting crampy and stuff. Now I just want to throw up so I can feel better maybe ):