Horsey mamas, help? Interrobang!? 6 kids; Ontario 1176 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Probably a longshot to ask here, buuuuttt...

If you have kids in competition or know anyone who does... WHERE do you get the cute hunter show bows!?

I'm starting Gracie and Evy showing this coming spring after we move, but I've looked online and all I can find are the ones from Smartpak. Any ideas of what to google? I've never been into hairbows, so I never learned to make them, and they seem to be a specific style. I see them every time we go to a show but I've never been able to figure out what to google to get some.

Wish we'd had cute bows when I was showing short-stirrup!

Sock Lady 6 kids; 4 angel babies; Hell, ON, Canada 11758 posts
Nov 24th '12

You're moving to Ontario, correct? If so, where? My Dh has horses and used to show, so he may be able to find out where to get them from.