When did you start telling people you're pregnant? user banned
Nov 23rd '12

How do you do it? Call family and friends and then tell them, and then post it on FB?

How long do you nomrlaly wait? I am already tired of keeping this a scret and ahve told my mom and dad and a few friends and obviously my BG friends on FB know, but i just want to get it out. But all our family needs to knowpersonally first cjz id never hear the end if we just told everyone via FB...

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I had my dd tell close people and then my mom posted it on FB. Then I sent picture txts of the u/s to people I'm close with but don't see enough to tell in person.

Mama Kat ♥ 3 kids; NAPLES, ME, United States 9636 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I told those who were closest to me face to face and then announced on FB at 12 weeks with a picture that apparently a ton of people didn't understand lol

B♥Z 2 kids; Williamsport, Maryland 14245 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Since we now live away from all family/friends, we each called out close ones. Then posted on facebook and the word spread from there.

Oh, and we told people pretty quick. I was like 5 weeks along.

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5689 posts
Nov 23rd '12

With my first I told my mom right away n she told some family. But we waited to tell some people. With my second I waited a few weeks until I was a little further along. Then I had my son tell my mom "mommy has a baby in her belly" and posted the us pic on fb

GL♣PC♥BC 3 kids; Destin, FL, United States 9408 posts
Nov 23rd '12

For family I made a video "for my husband" titled happy Anniversary of photos from our while relationship then had a photo of my son holding the first US photo a photo if my tummy then a clip from my thirteen week ultrasound.
Ad for friends and facebook, haven't said anything yet ..thinking I should say something soon I'm almost seventeen weeks

user banned 4 kids; Mueang Phuket, Thailand 30487 posts
Nov 23rd '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting B♥Z:</b>" Since we now live away from all family/friends, we each called out close ones. Then posted on facebook and the word spread from there. Oh, and we told people pretty quick. I was like 5 weeks along."</blockquote>

Im 5 weeks too, but i mshow early and if i see my grandparents in a month i dont want to have to suck in! Lol i will probably just call them and tell them today

Amanduuuh 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 5315 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I sent a text to family after my gma stalked my Facebook and found a convo I had with someone on their page talking about being pregnant.
Then I posted my ultrasound on Fbook to announce to everyone else.

~Cullen & Ridley's Mommy~ 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Missouri 18928 posts
Nov 23rd '12

With DS we told everyone right away, but with DD we only told my parents an sister while I was still in the 1st trimester, but waited until about 15weeks to tell everybody else, only because I am at risk for miscarriages.

luvmy2grlz&boy! 3 kids; Neepawa, Manitoba 2371 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I don't really live close to any family so I called or sent a text. I only told a few family members then put up a weekly pregnancy update thing for people to find out that way.

Ashlie; 3 kids; 4 angel babies; New Ulm, MN, United States 70 posts
Nov 23rd '12

We told immediate family when we found out--my MIL/FIL and my mom/step dad and my dad/step mom, and my sister. We didn't tell anyone else until late august/early september

I'm me 4 kids; Kentucky 3109 posts
Nov 23rd '12

with my 1st I told my family a week after I found out, it was on thanksgiving 2007 then I had a miscarriage on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. With my others I told my family after my 8th week and anounced it publicly after my 1st ultrasound that was done at 11 or 12 weeks.

Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I told a few close family members about a week after I found out. so about 5 weeks..We wont tell the rest until around christmas (11-12 weeks). And i wont be posting on facebook until we have the baby. lol

Chuck Norris Due March 6; TTC since Jan 2013; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Fairbanks, AK, United States 19489 posts
Nov 23rd '12

With mu first two i told right away. With my third i waited until 11 weeks. With my fourth i waited until around 18-20 weeks

MOMMY 9.0 TTC since Jan 1997; 6 kids; Minnesota 12446 posts
Nov 23rd '12

with my 1st we told his parents and mine and my sisters as soon as we found out!
2nd around 8 wks
3rd didnt tell his family (they get really really really pissed!! since we have a lot of kids!) they found out around 20wks
4th didnt tell anyone until 8wks (my family only) because i went thru the misdiagnosed miscarriage i needed my mom!
his family was out of the loop until i started like 12 wks

i choose not to tell his family becasue they are SOOO damn judgmental..i love his family but since we have 7 kids and my DH has another one from a previous marriage that he pays for ...we just get sucks...his sister at one point even called me a wh**e who planned this kid (#2) i was like geee thanks sis!

i want more kids DH DOES NOT! but i really do after i graduate school next yr..and hell be a chef by then so i want another one...gonna try to talk him into actually TTC a kid !!

but if i get pregnant before it wouldnt be the best timing and money is we would definitely get called names!!