early 15wk u/s question blessed Due May 10 (girl); 1 child; Maine 321 posts
Nov 23rd '12

Ok i had my elective 3d on wednesday i was 15 &4 days.... I was told its a baby girl! Now for some reason i cant stop thinking "what if she was wrong!?!" just wondering if youbladies have some expriences with this you could share? Did you have and early u/s, was it right or wrong??


Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56012 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I was told at 16 weeks that my daughter was a girl

But I wouldn't trust anything before that. I wouldn't make an announcement or run out and buy all pink until you have your anatomy scan

Milly + Luis = Leilaney 2 kids; Woodbridge, Virginia 901 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I went in at 16 weeks with my daughter..and that same night we made the decision on what to name her...and went and bought pink stuff for her..she still came out a girl...I'm going to have an ultrasound on the 4th..which would put me at exactly 16 weeks...and so we shall see! good luck

♥Ashley♥ 3 kids; Texas 4390 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I didn't find out until 23 weeks that mine was a girl but I am still nervous it maybe a boy! People that see my ultrasound keep saying she is definetly a girl but I have two boys already and am jus scared lol! I have another ultrasound next week so I'll see lol.

Andrea Beaver Due June 23 (girl); 2 kids; Canton, Ohio 22 posts
Nov 23rd '12

I agree, I would not run out and buy all pink just yet! I have 2 children (with my son they told me baby was a girl at 15 weeks; he was born 6 weeks early by emergency c-section to be a boy! My second baby was monitored very closely do to complications and bed rest but we still was not sure what the sex was until I was about 6 months along; this is when she finally was cooperating with tech and showed her area lol). Your doctor may due another ultrasound further down the line to monitor progress of the baby; this would be a great time to tell sex of my opinion just be prepared either way have girl and boy names picked out because in reality its all technology and it can be wrong when it comes to human nature! :lol: